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Clinton Davenport & Muscatine Railway

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The Clinton Davenport & Muscatine Railway (CD&M) was an electric interurban railway that operated in Iowa between its namesake cities; 65 miles. It developed between 1904 and 1912 from two separate electric railways that were merged as one. They operated independently due to electrical differences, requiring a change of cars, at Davenport, to complete a trip from its end terminals Clinton and Muscatine.. During it's high years, up to the 20's cars ran every hour. Down to six daily trips by the early 30's, the lines were abandoned between 1938 and 1940, except for a short 14 mile stretch, from Davenport to LeClaire, under a successor railroad the Davenport Rock Island and Northwestern, owned equally by the Burlington and Milwaukee Roads.
Short history of the Clinton Davenport & Muscatine Railway
1904 - The Iowa Illinois Railway builds an interurban electric Railway from Clinton to Davenport, Iowa, 35 miles, along the Mississippi River.
1912 - The Davenport & Muscatine Railway builds a interurban electric railway from Davenport to Muscatine, using a route inland from the Mississippi River/
1912 - The United Light & Railways buys IIR and D&M, and operates them independently. The lines have been built to relatively high standards on private right of way except for city streets and limited trains ran almost every hour. Equipment was arched windowed wooden cars for many years.
1912 - Freight service is introduced.
1926 - IIR and D&M merged as the Clinton Davenport & Muscatine Railway (CD&M), but continue to operate independently. There were mo through cars on the two halves due to equipment and electrical differences.
1931 - Business has declined. There are six cars per day between Clinton and Davenport, and between Davenport and Muscatine. Schedules were coordinated to allow a quick change of cars for through passengers. Bus service was starting on the Clinton-Davenport run.
1930's - Lightweight cats are introduced.
1934 - 10,000 freight cars interchanged with steam roads butt this is insufficient to maintain a profitable operation.

Clinton Davenport & Muscatine Railway - 1931

Clinton Davenport & Muscatine Railway - 1931
1938 - In November the Davenport-Muscatine line was abandoned.
1940 - The Davenport-Clinton line is abandoned except for a 14 mile stretch, from Davenport to LeClaire, continued by the Davenport Rock Island & Northwestern, a joint subsidiary of the Burlington and the Milwaukee Road.

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