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Dayton & Western Traction Company

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The Dayton & Western Traction Company (D&W) was an interurban electric freight and passenger railroad operating in the states of Ohio and Indiana. It had a main line extending from Dayton, Ohio west to Richmond, Indiana; 38 miles, , where it connected to the Terre Haute Indianapolis & Eastern for joint operations of interurban trains between Dayton and Indianapolis; a total of 108 miles. The D&W was an important connection between the traction systems of Ohio and Indiana and was sought after by some of the larger traction companies during its career. It had express train service including parlor cars on its name trains, the "Buckeye Special" and the "Hoosier" during the 20's and had a modestly heavy schedule of trains into the early 30's before declining traffic forced its closure in 1937.
Short history of the Dayton & Western Traction Company (D&W)
1898 - The Dayton & Western was built by interests associated with the Dayton & Troy Electric and the city lines of Dayton. On June 26, 1898 the D&W began operations from Dayton, Ohio west to Eaton, Ohio, 24 miles.
1903 - D&W completes its line to Richmond, Indiana. The D&W formed an important link line between the Ohio and Indiana traction systems.
1906 - The D&W was leased by the Indiana Columbus and Eastern Traction Company.
1907 - The D&W lease and the IC&E fall into the hands of the Ohio Electric Railway.

 D&WE cover map
Dayton & Western
March 1, 1931
1921 - OE goes bankrupt and D&W is returned to its owners.
1921-31 - D&W is independent and works in unison with the Terre Haute Indianapolis & Eastern to run joint interurbans between Dayton and Indianapolis, a distance of 108 miles.
1920's - Cincinnati Car Company lengthens and modernizes cars for D&W to run on its "Buckeye Special" and "Hoosier" limited trains between Dayton and Indianapolis. Included are parlor cars.
1931 - The D&W and THI&E run between 8 and 9 daily trains between Dayton and Indianapolis. The D&W operates 8 additional trains between Dayton and Richmond, and additional trains on shorter runs to & from Dayton; a full schedule.
1931 - D&W is in bankruptcy and defaults on Cincinnati Car Co. cars. D&W then acquired 5 lightweight cars from the Cleveland Southwestern, which had recently become abandoned.
1931 - D&W comes under the operating control of the Cincinnati & Lake Erie.
1931-36 - Business declines rapidly but line is kept open to provide link between Ohio and Indiana interurbans.
1936 - C&LE relinquishes control and the receiver sells D&W to the Fidelity Trust Company.
1936 - D&W leased to Indiana Railroad.
1937 - On May 8 the Indiana terminated the D&W lease and discontinued operations.
c 1937 - The receiver dismantled the road.

Dayton & Western - March 1, 1931, (Note through service to Indianapolis via the THI&E)

Dayton & Western - Dayton, Ohio to Richmond, Indiana - connecting to the Terre Haute Indianapolis & Eastern - Richmond to Indianapolis
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