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Gulf Mobile & Ohio Railroad

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GM&Ologo The Gulf, Mobile and Ohio (GM&O) was a railroad carrier in the south central United States. It was created, in 1940, as a merger of the Gulf Mobile and Northern and the Mobile and Ohio Railroads. At this time it offered service between St. Louis and Mobile and New Orleans. It's name train to Mobile retained portions of GM&O
Gulf Mobile & Ohio
January 15, 1946
both GM&N and M&O name train names, the Rebel and the Gulf Coast Special becoming the Gulf Coast Rebel. In 1946 it acquired the Alton Railroad gaining access to Chicago and Kansas City. It retained the Alton name trains the Abraham Lincoln and the Ann Rutledge In 1972 the GM&O merged with the Illinois Central to become the Illinois Central Gulf Railroad.
Short history of the Gulf Mobile and Ohio Railroad.
The Gulf Mobile and Ohio Railroad was a merger of the Gulf Mobile and Northern Railroad and the Mobile and Ohio Railroad which took place in 1940. We will show short histories of each.
Gulf Mobile and Northern Railroad.
1871 - First section of a railroad from Middleton. Tennessee to Pontotoc, Mississippi is built.
cir 1871 - South portion from Ripley to Pontotoc, and then to Jackson, Mississippi, becomes part of the Gulf & Ship Island Railroad (later IC). The balance of the line is called the Gulf and Chicago.
1890 - Mobile Jackson & Kansas City railroad is chartered to build from southern Mississippi pine forests to Jackson, Mississippi and on to Kansas City.
1902 - MJ&KS has built 50 miles from Mobile to Merrill, Mississippi.
cir 1902 - Gulf & Chicago and MJ&K are operating under one management although they are 240 miles apart.
cir 1902-1906 - The two lines are finally joined.
cir 1906-1910 - Road is reorganized as the New Orleans Mobile and Chicago Railroad.
1913 - NOM&C went into bankruptcy.
1917 - Road is reorganized as the Gulf Mobile and Northern Railroad.
1917- GM&N under federal control during WW1.
1918 - GM&N buys all stock of Meridian & Memphis Railroad giving iy entrance into Meridian in 1920.
cir 1920 - Line from Middleton, Tennessee to Jackson, Tennessee completed.
The Mobile & Ohio Railroad
1837- Panic of 1837 left the port of Mobile with much less business, so businessmen and citizens conceived a plan to build a railroad to Cairo, Illinois on the Ohio-Mississippi Rivers..
1852 - Line opened between Mobile & Citronelle, Alabama.
1861 - Line completed to Columbus, Kentucky.
1861 - Steamboats used to connect with Illinois Central Railroad at Cairo.
1862-1865 - Civil War left M&O almost entirely destroyed and in large debt.
1876 - M&O in receivership.
1882 - Line finally completed to Cairo, Illinois.
cir 1882 - M&O acquired St. Louis and Cairo Railroad, a narrow gauge line. It converted the SL&C to standard gauge, thus completing line from Mobile to St. Louis.
1898 - Line from Tuscaloosa to Montgomery, Alabama completed.
1899 - Line from Mobile to Bayou La Batre completed as the Mobile & Bay Shore Railway.
1901-2 - Southern obtains control through stock exchange but M&O operates as a separate identity when Southern merger plans are rejected.
1908-1926 - M&O was prosperous.
1926-1930 - Net income declined sharply,
1932 - M&O in receivership. Southern was accused of using M&O for its own advantage.
1933 - A suit against Southern was dropped.
1940 - Southern sold its M&O bonds to the Gulf Mobile and Northern Railroad, and the M&O was combined with the GM&N to become the Gulf Mobile and Ohio Railroad.
Gulf Mobile & Ohio Railroad
1940 - Southern sold it's M&O bonds to the Gulf Mobile and Northern Railroad, and the M&O was combined with the GM&N to become the Gulf Mobile and Ohio Railroad.
1946 - GM&O acquires the Alton Railroad giving it access to Kansas City and Chicago.
1947 - Alton and GM&O passenger trains dieselized.
1948 - GM&O one of first major railroads completely dieselized.
1972 - GM&O and Illinois Central merge to form the Illinois Central Gulf Railroad
Gulf Mobile & Ohio
1946 map
Prior to Alton merger

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