Iron City Furnace, Mercer County, Pennsylvania

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Iron City - is on Coal Creek, a branch of Little Neshannock Creek, in East Lackawannock Township near the Spring Valley Golf Club and Lodge(tm).
This furnace was built by William W. Wallace of Pittsburgh in 1846. It was a cold blast, steam powered charcoal furnace. In 1865 when it went out of blast it was owned by Wallace and Todd(s&t). Another account has the furnace built in 1838 and operated until 1856 as the last iron works in the township(rzw). I have attributed these two sets of dates to be for the Old Furnace off Plat Road and/or Iron City Rurnace until confirmation is found(rp).
The 10 foot high remains are collapsed but several rows of stone and at least one opening and much slag are still visible. (tm-2011).
Information in an article by(rzw), and an 1860 map of East Lackawannock Township(elw), both obtained from Chris, Office Manager of the Mercer County Historical Society, led us to the approximate coordinates for an Old Furnace which I had thought to be the Iron City Furnace. Ian Straffin(is) then located the site and confirmed the location of Old Furnace.

To reach Iron City Furnace go west from Mercer on PA62 about 1.4 miles to the junction with Bestwick Road to the left. 41 13.558'N - 80 15.935'W. Follow Bestwick Road west and southwest to the Spring Valley Golf Club and lodge, 496 Bestwick Road. You can park here. From April to October the club is open and provides a 4 mile hiking trail, with optional trail buggies, that allows you to visit the Hells Hollow Wildlife Adventure Train leading to Hells Hollow on Coal Creek. The furnace is north of the road near a waterfall. A bridge on the walking path goes over the creek to the furnace location. The grounds are maintained free from brush and debris so the furnace may be viewed in the warm months. It can also be seen from Bestwick Road.
Coordinates of Hells Hollow 4113.236'N 8017.208W.(tm-2011)

Iron City Furnace

Iron City Furnace Opening

Iron City Furnace Special Sources:
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Christy Hunter Hall, Mercer, PA
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Hells Hollow Wildlife Adventure Trail
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